September 15, 2009

The Life of a Jeweler

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Jeweler Hard At Work Making A Custom Ring

Jeweler Hard At Work Making A Custom Ring

Jewelry is an industry shrouded in mystery.   Kinda like a car dealership.  This section will be a “behind the scenes” look at the daily life of a jeweler.

First of all, it’s a lot less glamorous than it sounds.  It’s not a black tie, champagne event.  It’s not even a suit and tie situation (unless you want the tie to get caught in machinery).  The truth of the matter is that a jeweler is like an auto mechanic; both wear durable, sometimes holey pants and have grimy finger nails.

Jewelers have the capacity to be astounding pack-rats.  A jeweler will hold onto broken bits and scraps for thirty years “just in case” they need them for a repair later.  I always thought it would be interesting to survey the spouses of jewelers to see if their pack-rat tendencies carried over to their garage collection of garden implements as well.

My opinion is the questionable wardrobe and haphazard organization of “important” parts by jewelers is the main reason they are hidden in “the back” of most jewelry stores.  Some jewelry stores don’t even allow them on the premises.  This could also be attributed to the strange smells that come from their work area.  Jewelers work with poisons and other smelly stuff on a daily basis.  PS. Don’t anger a jeweler.  They have the means to poison you readily.

There are exceptions to every rule, but most jewelers lack patience in dealing with customer service issues.  They are quarantined away from clients to prevent inappropriate eye-rolling, sighing, and outright arguing.  The jeweler misses the interaction, and the overlooked point (the sales person failed to mention to the client) has  jewelers muttering and cursing for hours.

Beware of  the “fake” jewelers out there roaming the industry who do little more with their opti-visor than use it to keep the hair out of their face when they are talking to clients.  I think the most ironic is a certain AAA Master Jeweler Program.  (Name changed because I don’t feel like a lawsuit this week) Wow.  It sounds super impressive.  What people don’t realize is that it’s little more that a wholesale jewelry buying club.  Kinda like Costco for Jewelers.

Stay Tuned for “What Does A Jeweler Actually Do?”


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