September 23, 2009

The Best Part About Being A Jeweler

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People often ask me what the best part about being a jeweler is.  Over the years I’ve toyed with various witty comebacks, but I have realized it all comes down to the stories.

Each piece of jewelry we wear has a memory tied to it.  It might remind us of a first love, a special event, a lost loved one, a cheating, selfish bastard…I digress.  When it comes down to it, the stories people have told me about their jewelry have been my favorite memories.  (Rest assured; not all stories are tear-jerkers)

One client wanted to repair and clean a necklace that she had found in her son’s house when he died.  A mother wanted me to make a bracelet for her to wear out of her late daughter’s collective jewelry.

A client wanted to know if a ring was “real.”  I ran a few tests on it and determined it to be a three carat round diamond set in platinum.  It turns out her aunt had passed, and she was found the ring in a sock and had nearly thrown it away. (lucky save!)

A client wanted me to melt his ex wife’s wedding band into an M-16 bullet (ex-military fellow).  Only after he assured me he was not going to be “on the news” did we proceed with his order.

A client came to us in hysterics because he had run over his father in law’s ring with his truck and he didn’t want to tell his wife.  That took all day, but we were able to get it sorted out.

A older Jewish client had a ring that had been sewn into a jacket hem during her escape from WWII.  She was proudly passing it on to her granddaughter for her bat mitzvah.

I had a herringbone bracelet from one of my first boyfriends that I was convinced was “lucky.”  I wore it on test days and for auditions. (I have played violin since I was 5).  I don’t know where it is now, but every time I see a herringbone chain, I think of my ridiculous “lucky” bracelet.

I have a ring my husband made me when we first started out (white gold and peridot) and had no money.  It was one of the first stones he ever set.  I don’t wear it very often, but I’ll always remember how exciting it was to pick it out.   Since I have two sons (sigh), I’ll give it to my granddaughter one day just as my Mom gave me the first ring (onyx and diamond) that Dad gave her.

I enjoy the technical side of diamonds too, but it’s really fun to see people’s face light up as they tell you the provenance of their treasures.  If you’re feeling friendly, share what your jewelry reminds you of.


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