October 1, 2009

Client Question Answered

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Q: Why does everyone have the marquise cut on their engagement rings?? Out of 20 friends, 18 have that particular cut. Is it really more expensive to make that type of ring?

A:Diamond cuts fall in and out of style like round and pointy toed shoes.  I’m guessing your friends got married within the same decade.  Marquise cut diamonds were super popular before the princess cut gained its foothold.  Part of this is, I believe, a sign of the times.  The marquise diamond was named after the Marquise De Pompadour, a mistress of Louis XIV.  Perhaps today, women want to be a “princess” instead of a marquise.

For those of you not familiar, marquise diamonds are shaped like a kite (like a primary school diamond) and princess cut diamonds are square (though many are actually slightly rectangular).  Selecting diamond shapes is usually about personal preference.  There are tales of people that like certain stone shapes have various personality traits, but it’s about as accurate as horoscopes.  Entertainment purposes only. (If you’re interested, rounds and ovals–romantics, emeralds–calculating & organized, hearts–sentimental, marquise–party types/social)

Above 2 carats, many diamonds are cut into fancy shapes instead of round diamonds to maximize the weight of the finished stone.  Diamonds are sold by weight.  Diamond cutters want to maximize the money they make off of each stone, so they carefully study the diamond rough (the crystal in its uncut form) and decide on a shape that will earn them the most.  It’s a careful balance because some stone shapes are more desirable (easier to sell) than others.  In this way marquise cut diamonds are not more expensive stones.  Because of their decreased popularity, it’s sometimes easier to find a good buy on one in fact.

Diamonds within the fancy shapes are still cut to exacting proportions, but there is a little more leeway, so it is not uncommon to see fat ovals and skinny ovals.  The reason I like marquise diamonds (as well as ovals) is that they look huge compared to a round stone of a similar weight/price.  I made a platinum 3 carat marquise ring for my sister in law and it stretches from knuckle to knuckle.  If set next to a princess of the same carat weight, it looks twice the size.  This was why they were and will remain so popular.  For the money, you get a bigger look.

Care should be taken with a marquise diamond in that the ends of the stone are capable of damage.  They ideally should have v prong ends to protect the stones from inevitable knocking around.  While diamonds are the hardest stone, they are occasionally chipped and nicked.  Marquise diamonds can be recut into pear shapes, but this should only be done in an emergency (think garbage disposal) situation.  You will lose 20-30% of the total weight on a recut.

Hope this helped.  Let me know if you have more questions:)


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