October 5, 2009

Where do you get your design inspiration?

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Starting Out

Looking back, I remember getting my ears pierced as a major step in my fashion development.  My uncle Wesley sent some earrings to me for my fifth birthday.  They are gold daisies with turquoise centers.  I still have them, in fact.

I had several “baby rings” and got my first diamond (chip) ring in elementary school.  I was only allowed to wear it to church, but it made me feel sooooo special.

Fashion Disasters

In about fifth grade, I discovered Claire’s–every pre-teen’s dream store  Keep in mind this was the eighties, but I fell in love with gaudy plastic coated zig zag earrings and giant white hoops.  They went well with my pouffy bangs and “wings” hairstyle.

The Rut

In junior high and middle school, I stuck to smaller gold rings and diamond chip earrings.  I even did the rhinestone necklaces for special events, like homecoming.

The Awakening

I didn’t really develop my own jewelry style until I inherited a few pieces of “good” jewelry that I mixed with fun costume pieces.  The deeper I delved into the industry, the more I realized that the best jewelry designs are not mass produced.   For my personal collection, I like the understated art deco designs and like a small, but detailed setting over big and flashy.

Today’s Inspiration

My favorite designers include Chanel Haute Jewelry and Van Cleef and Arpels.  Both have gorgeous websites and utilize nature inspired themes.  Inspiration can come from many directions.  I’ve made bangles based on Banana Republic’s designs, and earrings  inspired by Cartier.

My advice to clients is to open your mind to new ideas that aren’t featured in every Zales in the country.  You never know where inspiration will come from.


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