October 19, 2009

Jewelry Trends-Take One For A Test Drive

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Jewelry, like fashion, has trends that change season by season.  The interesting part of jewelry trends is that people summarily ignore them.  No one picks up a Vogue magazine and dashes out for a new pair of earrings.  I myself get caught up in the morning hustle and forget to wear jewelry at all on occasion.

Today, we’ll go over a few jewelry trends and I’ll give an insider’s opinion of them.  They are easy to implement, so force yourself out of your comfort zone and try one this week.  You can go back o your “jewelry rut” next week:)

Layered necklaces– Cute idea and easy to do.  This look dresses up simple clothing.  I found out all my chains are the same length, so I layered a strand of pearls with a bulkier chain and a thin chain.  Caution–this is not the trend for you if you sleep in your jewelry.  It’ll tangle and you’ll regret it.

Statement jewelry– Big rings, big earrings, big pendent.  Pick ONE.  Otherwise, you’ll look like the Olsen twins.  Big sunglasses and big rings have been hot for years.  Don’t be afraid to mix costume with fine jewelry.

Men’s watches– Not only is it fashionable for men to wear a variety of watches, women are wearing oversized watches too.  It’s very practical, Ladies… finally, a watch you can read!  A jeweler can remove the links (probably all of them) to fit.

Stacks of bangles– Plastic or diamond, celebrities are wearing them in multiples.  I prefer to wear them on my non-watch hand to minimize clanking.  I saw some leather bracelets mixed with gold that looked interesting in a magazine.

Add a splash of color– A few years ago, I looked at my jewelry collection and realized I didn’t have any “color.”  It’s like having a black purse you carry year round.  Add color a little at a time.  I ask clients to think about colors they wear often.  I love red, so a garnet cocktail ring would make sense for me.  I never wear yellow, but love yellow sapphires.

I think we all get into jewelry ruts.  (my family also gets in food ruts and eats the same things for dinner-sigh)  Jewelry trends are not about going out and buying the latest “it color.”  Take a moment to look at what you already have, and think of new ways to mix them.  Have a great week!



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