November 19, 2009

What Is The Kimberley Process Anyway?

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“Industry calling for swift action on Zimbabwe”

This was a recent headline within the jewelry industry.

While people are vaguely familiar with the Leonardo DiCaprio movie “Blood Diamond,” many don’t realize the diamond industry has long been embroiled in controversy.  In a nutshell, the Kimberley Process is a certification process where governments try to prevent the black market sale of rough diamonds from rebel/terrorist funded origins.

The trade of these illicit rough diamonds fund rebel wars against legitimate governments, like Sierra Leone, The Republic of the Congo, and Angola.

While there are terrible consequences to the “blood diamond” trade, rest easy that all the diamonds from our vendors comply with the Kimberley Process Certifications.

You may not realize that the diamond trade is not the only gemstone that has raised the human rights issues.  Tanzanite supply is very unstable due to the government’s control of the supply.  Emerald mines in Colombia usually are guarded by private “armies” with automatic weapons.  Myanmar has come under fire regarding their rubies and human rights violations.

Does this mean people should boycott rubies?  Not really.  The gemstone trade is carefully regulated by many governments.  The gems you see in displays across America are carefully regulated, and the fines for not complying are not worth the risk to jewelers or gem dealers.

Let me know if you have more questions about conflict stones and their alternatives:)


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