November 23, 2009

Getting the most out of your earrings

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My alternative title to this post was kinda corny.  “How to increase your face value with earrings” made me cringe even as I typed it.

There are few accessories that can have as much effect on your face as a pair of earrings.

They can have more impact than makeup, bringing out your best features and correcting less than perfect ones.

For example, large earrings make a nose look smaller, silver hoops cool down a ruddy complexion, and gold ones warm up winter pale skin.

As the holidays approach, I have always extolled the intelligence of giving gifts that “always fit.”  With the economy in it’s current state, earrings do not require additional upgrades (like a chain) and don’t have to be sized (like rings).  Unlike shoes, bags, and hats, earrings never go out of fashion.

The latest trend on red carpets everywhere are dangle earrings.  These bring attention to a delicate jawline and elongate the face (making it look less round).

Another overlooked earring shape is the oval hoop.  It is traditional, but the shape flatters every face shape.

If your face is more rectangular, try a wider earring.

Multicolored earrings brighten the complexion.

Look for earrings that add “movement” to your face.  A gorgeous earring can also draw the eye up (away from your waistline) if there is sparkly movement.

Try to make sure you buy “light” earrings.  While I love big earrings, avoid the super heavy ones for prolonged wear.  Elongated pierced holes are no fun.

If you have a pair of earrings you adore, think about adding an earring jacket.  It allows you to add a bit of sparkle to your diamond/pearl studs.  Custom earring jackets can be made for other earrings.

Consider adding a screw post and back to your favorite earrings for added security.

Ask your jeweler to trim posts that “poke.”  No one wants to wear uncomfortable jewelry.


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