January 27, 2010

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (on a budget)

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A lot of people begin looking for Valentine’s Day gifts at the end of January.  This is after the harrowing experience of paying their credit card bills from the Christmas season.  I’ve come up with a few gift ideas that will look well thought out, but won’t break the bank.

Probably the number one valentines day gifts are flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, and diamond heart pendants.  This being a jewelry blog, don’t expect me to expound on the virtues of the non-jewelry items.  Being a practical person, I appreciate gifts that last beyond two days (flowers and chocolate) and aren’t overpriced twice a year (flowers).  Long lasting gifts are a personification of long lasting intent.

Fellas:  keep in mind how long you’ve been dating.   Rings indicate certain ideas of commitment in women you may not be ready for.  Also, it is hard to guess at ring sizes.

Initial/Name Jewelry: You know her name, so this one is easy.  Stay on the smallish side to be safe and a two tone finish will allow it to blend with all her existing jewelry.  Ladies initials and monograms should be for the first name as the last name can change with marriage.

Earrings:  Always fit and are hard to screw up.  Try for basics that will make her think of you each time she puts them on each day.

Heart shaped jewelry: the old stand by.  Try mixing it up a little by looking for a piece that intertwines your and her birthstones.  The symbolism is a nice added touch.

Try to get your design ideas to your jeweler early, so it can be delivered on time.  Custom work takes time to complete.

Have a great holiday!



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