February 10, 2010

Jeweler’s Philosophy: Ours vs. Theirs

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I was reading an industry magazine the other day and was surprised at the reader responses to an article.  Allow me to explain…

The article outlined a customer situation where one client in the store for a watch battery (that they pointed out was a no-name watch) talked another client out of an expensive purchase.

The jeweler reader response was shocking to me.  Keeping with my philosophy not to bad talk other jewelers, I will be vague on the names of the business owners.

One jeweler in a large city said, “This is why we don’t change watch batteries.  They should only service the watches they sell.  Let the people who buy at Wal-Mart or K Mart go to them for service.  Servicing cheap watches is not productive.”

This sentiment was repeated by jewelers large and small all across the country.  There seems to be a consensus from a lot of jewelers that it’s okay to “knock” client’s possessions and judge them by it.

I had a sit down discussion after reading this article with my employees on how they are NEVER to discredit our clients or make them feel embarrassed about what they have.  Many of my clients from South Florida had a collection of jewelry that ranged from top shelf to Target.

I, myself,  have a collection of “fun” jewelry, and I know how it feels to be misjudged when I go shopping.  Hmm.  I seem to be rambling, but I guess my main focus was to bring it to light that not all jewelers are snobby:)


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