March 16, 2010

Saturday April 10, 1010–Introduction to Jewelry & Gemology

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In response to my client’s wishes, and an unfulfilled wish to teach at GIA, I am holding a day long seminar at the shop that will be a consumer’s introduction to Jewelry & Gemology.

It is scheduled Saturday, April 10th from 10AM to 3PM, and will cover the following:

  • Basic Jewelry Terms
  • Precious Metals Marks and Karats
  • Overview of Jewelry Origins
  • Overview of Historic Jewelry Periods
  • Basic Gemological Tools (what they do and how they are used)
  • Diamond Origins, Manufacture and Distribution
  • Determining Diamond Value based on the 4Cs
  • Ruby Origins, Manufacture and Distribution
  • Sapphire Origins, Manufacture and Distribution
  • Emerald Origins, Manufacture and Distribution
  • Natural vs Synthetic
  • Gemstone Treatments and Disclosure
  • Diamond Imitators
  • Popular Gemstones (Pearls, Tanzanite, birthstones)
  • Basic Jewelry & Gemology Care
  • Free Exploratory Period

I am inviting attendees to bring their own jewelry to explore

At no time during the day will you be asked to purchase anything.  This seminar is meant to expand your knowledge of jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones.

Included in the $40 admission are supplies, including a loupe and gem tweezers you get to take home.  Please pre-register by calling 417-823-3778 or e-mailing



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