May 19, 2010

Watch Service Center Angst

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Today, I had a bad experience with a watch service center for a very popular (rather pricey) watch company.  The client had a watch for 25 years, and the crown broke off.  The crown is the part that pulls out to adjust the time, if you didn’t know.

We had opened the watch when the client came in to asses if the damage was internal as well as external.  The watch was in good working order, so we sent it off to the official service center to get an official parts estimate.

When we spoke on the phone, they informed me that the watch was “really rusted out” and would require a full cleaning of the movement, and for another $300 I might want to consider replacing the dial and watch hands.  I declined and asked that the watch be returned upon conferring with my client.

What really bothers me is that this reputable place is trying to take advantage of the clients who put their trust in them.  By misrepresenting needed repairs, they were no better today than a sketchy used car dealer.  Now, you may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned any company names, and you won’t.  I still stand by my ideal not to bad-talk other businesses, but for the record, we disagree how they treat honest people.



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