May 27, 2010

Jewelry Show Trends–Sterling Silver

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We’re coming up on one of the largest jewelry shows in the industry next week, the JCK Las Vegas show.  Perusing the show flyers, I was surprised at how many jewelry manufacturers are going to sterling silver.  The price of gold has continued to rise, and shows no signs of slowing, so many companies feel consumers will turn to lower cost metals, such as sterling, stainless, tungsten, and titanium.

I love the new designs in sterling silver, but I wonder how consumers are reacting to the overflow of silver (even with diamond chips) in the showcases across the country.  Part of what people value about jewelry is its permanence.  Sterling is durable and looks gorgeous in jewelry displays, but I can’t help but wonder if it will be passed on to future generations in the same way.  One comment in a trade magazine asked “what are jewelers going to do with all this silver when a.) the gold price drops b.)the economy improves?  Until then, we’ll just enjoy the gorgeous new designs, I guess.


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