June 1, 2010

Rising Gold: What does it mean for consumers?

Posted in gold, jewelry, rose diamonds tagged , , at 8:29 pm by rosediamonds

The price of gold fluctuates, similar to gas prices.  Lately,the price of gold has been creeping…no striding back towards all time highs..  What does this mean for consumers?  Higher prices for gold jewelry, gold jewelry repairs, etc.

There are a lot of rationalizations and excuses.

Some people in the industry blame the weakening of the dollar/euro in comparison to other currencies, while others blame the Chinese/Indians.

Regardless of the reason, market analysts are forecasting that gold’s prices will remain raised through 2015.   Not only does a higher gold price make it hard on consumers to buy new gold jewelry, but it makes it more difficult for jewelers as well.  It’s a small consolation, but here it is: we don’t like it either.  Hope that sentiment helps.


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