June 12, 2010

June Birthstone Part 2: Alexandrite

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June is one of the months that has two acceptable birthstones.  The reason there are two?  Because some people want a transparent, faceted stone (such as mother’s rings) alternative.

Alexandrite is a rare gemstone that exhibits the phenomena of color-change.  Fine alexandrite appears green in daylight and red in incandescent light.  It is sometimes referred to as “emerald by day, ruby by night.”

Most alexandrite that is found in the marketplace is either tiny or man-made.  It will usually go from pink to teal, as the vibrant red to green stones can out-price diamonds.

Named for the royal Tsar Alexander II, most natural alexandrite is found in the Ural mountains, Brazil and occasionally SriLanka.

It has a hardness nearly equal with sapphire, so it is very durable and can handle typical jewelry cleaning.  It is said to increase its wearer’s intuition and creativity.



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