June 19, 2010

Who Do You Listen To?

Posted in appraisal, diamonds, gemologist, jewelry, rose diamonds tagged , , , , , at 7:11 pm by rosediamonds

For the past week, I have been answering diamond and jewelry related questions on Yahoo answers.  My answers are based upon my experience as a retail jeweler, graduate gemologist (GIA), and jewelry appraiser.  What has surprised me has been the content of the other answers on the site, and “around the water cooler” chat.

I have come to terms with the sad fact that I know nothing about cars.  My car is black and starts when I turn the key, takes me where I need to go, and hauls my kids around.  I don’t know what torque or carburetors do.  Therefore, I also realize that I am not a source of valid information on cars.

The moral to this mini-rant is this: when you have a jewelry or diamond related question, consult the advice of a professional in the field.  Unlike lawyers, the advice is free.


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