July 27, 2010

International Jewelry Trends

Posted in jewelry, rose diamonds tagged at 10:00 am by rosediamonds

Living in a huge country, like America, it is easy to forget that there’s a whole big world out there. I love picking up foreign fashion magazines and flipping through them to see what’s hot in other countries. While traveling, it’s fun to pop into jewelry stores to see what’s hot in other places. You never know when inspiration will strike.

Asia is full of oversized “statement” jewelry, dainty jewelry, and long dangly earrings. Over there, they have “couple rings” that are asymmetrical in design. I’ve noticed quite a bit of rose gold coming out of the woodwork as well.

European trends include layering jewelry and mixing metals. Women are also wearing men’s watches to get an oversized look.

Leave comments if you’ve heard of any cool international jewelry trends:)


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