August 31, 2010

Handcrafted vs. CAD

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We finished the pendant on the right this week, and I got to thinking about the differences between “old school” handcrafted design and CAD (computer aided design).

We do both here at Rose Diamonds, depending on the job.  One major difference I notice is the computer’s ability to make things “perfect.”  By this, I mean-perfect straight lines, exact symmetrical designs, finely detailed logos and lettering, etc.

I feel many of the computer designs have a  “clunky” feel.  This is probably to do with the fact that the mill that cuts out the computer’s design have limitations as far as the axis and reach of the tools.

Old school handmade is sometimes a tiny bit asymmetrical.  The bonus of a handmade piece is that no one ever gets two that are the same.  This particular one, we made a prototype, but fabricated the final piece in metal (gold).

Even if I were to try to duplicate this design by hand, they would end up being slightly different.  This is where the romance of jewelry is.  A natural stone from the earth is seated in a natural metal shaped with tiny variances by hand.

Whichever design style you prefer, no one can deny that custom made jewelry is in a different class from conveyor belt styles.



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  2. Thats very true, as much as the CAD software enables you to get a “perfect” design the printer then has its limitations in actually making the design for us. I have tried to make the pieces in two separate halves and then solder them together but it still does not have the same romance or hand made quality about it that a piece of truly handcrafted jewellery has about it…

    At Eskae Private Jeweller we specialise in crafting custom ordered jewellery for the discerning buyer who prefers a different experience than a retail one, so our designer jewellery has to have a particular quality about it which only a hand crafted piece of fine jewellery has.

    Sam Kritsotakis
    Eskae Private Jeweller

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