September 14, 2010

Oct 16, 2010 Intro to Jewelry & Gemology Half Day Seminar 1-3PM

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Just in time for the winter shopping season, I’m holding another session of the jewelry/gemology course.

We’ve shortened the course to two hours and will touch on the basics of diamond and gemstone origins, manufacture, & distribution.  I will also be sharing consumer tips on how to identify karat marks (and where they are hiding), and the differences between natural stones and their many imposters.

Attendees will learn to use  gem tweezers and will take home their own jewelers loupe.  We will also touch on appraisal basics, birthstones, and how diamonds are graded, (these tiny differences can make big $ differences)

Bring your personal jewelry for our “exploratory” time.  There will be an extensive question and answer session.  Snacks will be provided.  $25 session fee

Pre-register at 417-823-3778 or rsvp on the facebook page (see sidebar for link).


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