October 19, 2010

Millennial Bridal Trends

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I was just reading a jewelry industry magazine, and they were discussing the different trends of the new millennial brides versus past generations.  Here’s an excerpt:

Like any generation, Gassman says the millennials’ values differ from that of their parents. One key difference jewelers need to grasp is that this generation is not concerned about “keeping up with the Joneses.” Instead of eyeing a 2-carat engagement ring just to one-up their best friend’s 1-carat rock, millennials are more interested in having something that is uniquely their own.

“It’s about custom,” Gassman says. “What their neighbors think about their engagement ring is less important than what they think of their engagement ring. That’s the exact opposite of boomers, who wanted to outdo each other.”


The article also makes mention that new brides are more likely to comparison shop online and in person before buying, and are willing to wait for the “perfect” ring.  We have noticed this trend here in South Florida and MO.   With  interest in custom jewelry rising, it will be interesting to see where bridal design goes over the next few years.


Comment back, and let me know if you agree with this trend.


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