November 7, 2010

The Cost of Silver

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While media outlets all over the world are hyper-ventilating about the soaring price of gold (set to breach $1400 per ounce this week), jewelry industry professionals have seen a HUGE increase in the price of silver over the past year.  The graph to the right illustrates its climb to record highs.


I don’t claim to be a commodities expert, but even amongst the “experts” there have been many indicators that point to the price of precious metals continuing to rise.


Thinking about scrapping out your old sterling?  A few hints:  Sterling silver jewelry is marked 925 or sterling.  If your piece is not marked, it is not silver (unless it was made for you custom).  925 means it is 92.5% pure silver.  The rest is alloys of copper and nickel.  999 is a mark of fine silver (99.9% pure) and is less common.  A word to the wise.  Even though prices of silver have skyrocketed, it still takes a bunch (of weight) to make any noticeable amount of money.


Caring for silver…Check the archives for my post on how to keep your silver jewelry looking its best.


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