December 18, 2010

Speeding Up Your Jewelry Repair-5 Tips

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Waiting for repair work is never fun, but there are a few tips I can pass along to speed up the process.  These tips don’t work at every jeweler–(many in the industry send repairs out to a subcontractor) but they can make things go smoother for the repair technician.

Tip 1: Keep jewelry clean.  While you may not be able to get a professional “squeaky” clean at home, you can probably tell if your ring or bracelet is caked with lotion.  Before any work is done on the jewelry, it has to be soaked in a commercial cleaner to remove all traces of soap, oils, dirt, and cosmetics.  This can add hours to days to the repair time.  The cleaner the jewelry, the faster the jeweler can begin to work on it.  Excess “gunk” can also hide other problems (stone damage, loose stones–the lotion keeping it in place, etc.)

Tip 2: Keep watches and jewelry away from moist areas (kitchens and bathrooms come to mind).  Moisture that gets trapped in your watch can cause the movement to corrode/”stick.”  Excess moisture around sterling silver or costume jewelry can cause discoloration.  Excess tarnish and corrosion can complicate/add time and cost to your repairs.

Tip 3: Have the person the jewelry is being sized to present.  In jewelry fittings, millimeters matter.  It will have to be re-sized if we “guess” incorrectly.  If the repair is a surprise, bring in a piece of jewelry for “cleaning” to match the size.   (for rings, make sure the ring standard fits on the desired finger)

Tip 4: Save the pieces!  When a piece of jewelry breaks, save the pieces!  It will save you on cost and time if the jeweler does not have to re-create the wheel.  I use tape to stick teeny pieces or stones to paper (so they don’t get lost)

Tip 5: Be flexible.  If your repair tech recommends to not pursue a repair (usually due to stone durability/loosening/metal durability) trust them.  A good tech will recommend alternative solutions in several price ranges, and will tell you when repairs exceed cost efficiency.  Some examples are: sizing gold plated rings, sizing eternity bands 3 sizes up or down, making new watch links for your grandpa’s $20 Timex watch, etc.  Don’t be afraid to ask for additional options if you don’t like the first repair idea.

We have been doing a lot of pre-holiday repairs as people prepare for Christmas.  Hopefully these time savers will help you get in, out, and on your way this busy holiday season!


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