January 13, 2011

Diamonds 102-Faceting

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Diamonds are old.  That much has been covered by the previous article. When diamonds are described as vintage, it usually refers to the cutting style.  Cutting styles have evolved over the years as illustrated to the right.


Diamond jewelry began with people wearing stones in their rough (unfaceted form).  Not all diamond crystals develop into a perfect tetrahedral shape (the two pyramid look).  The angles of the stone were cut (by hand with another diamond).  Diamond faceting at its earliest could take over one year!


It became more in vogue to add more and more facets over time.  Technology has developed, and diamond proportions have become increasingly symmetrical and uniform over time.  Cutters have experimented with all different varieties of angles and cuts.  The diamond cutter’s job is to MAXIMIZE the weight of the finished stone.  This is how they are paid, and diamonds are sold–by the weight.  


The most common “vintage diamonds” are old mine cuts and old european cuts.  The modern brilliant cut has 57-58 facets.  A man named Tolkowsky developed a set of ideal proportions that maximizes a diamond crystal’s brilliance, and fire.



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