January 29, 2011

Brooch Ideas

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Inspired by  a client who brought in some fabulous brooches this week, I thought I might post some fun ideas on how to restyle brooches you may have inherited.  Pins are coming in and out of style, but much like scarves, many don’t know how to “wear them.”

Here’s some ideas you might like:

  • traditional (pinned on the shoulder of a jacket or sweater
  • strung on a ribbon as a necklace, belt or headband (especially if pin part is damaged)
  • non traditional placement (pinned at waist)
  • worn as an enhancer on beads/pearls (can pin on shirt for off center look)
  • home decor (on cushion, in shadowbox, as an alternative arrangement in vase, on tapestry)
  • for weddings (on gift wrap, cake decoration, dress or hair decoration (front or back)



  1. I think your post is perfect. Thanks

  2. […] for weddings (packaging, paper-based cake decorating decoration, dress or hair (front or back)) See Brooch Ideas ? Rose Diamonds Custom Jewelry Design & Repair-Springfield, MO 4560 S. Campbell Ave…. […]

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