April 10, 2011

More than the Ring

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Whenever I present a gentleman with an engagement ring, inevitably I ask the same question:  “Do you have a plan on how you’re going to ask her?”  I have been married a long time, so I live somewhat vicariously through my client’s romantic exploits.  The other side of the coin is this:  a man will spend hours agonizing over websites, shifting over jewelry counters, and talking to their mom, sister, your sister etc. on choosing the perfect ring to symbolize his commitment to you.  In my experience, it’s a 50/50 chance if they have thought things through that far.  It’s like getting all dressed  up for a ball and then watching netflix–bit of a let down.

According to The Knot.com’s survey, 26% of brides wish their proposal had been more romantic and original.  It has long been a practice of independent jewelers to offer ideas and advice to nervous grooms to be.  Our take on proposals?

Plan ahead.  Just like writing a book report–consider setting, supporting characters, legality, etc.

Women are smart and can sense “winging it.”  The story of the proposal will be asked of her from her dry cleaner to grandchildren.  I usually recommend that men google “proposal ideas.” It’s not necessary to be zany or bombastic for a memorable proposal.  She knows you (hopefully) and is just as eager as you are.  Speak from your heart and remember that humor can diffuse most anxious situations.

Success stories:

  • revisiting a special place in the couple’s history
  • proposals on special day in couple’s history

What didn’t work:

  • silently just handing a ring box to her
  • digging ring out of pocket change to give to her

Post your best ever proposal idea (real or fictitious)



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