May 4, 2011

Ring Sizing: Wide Shank vs. Thin Shank

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Today’s post is about a topic that has  come up three times today in the shop.  Rings fit you differently depending on the width of the shank (bottom half of the ring).  I estimate that 80%+ of my clients end up getting their wedding ring and engagement ring soldered together.  This reduces spinning and friction between the rings.  Unfortunately, this usually means that rings that separately fit perfect, together squeeze the life out of your finger.

Take a moment to look at your hand where the fingers meet the palm…You’ll notice that your fingers tend to get less meaty towards the palm and get bigger towards the knuckle.

When you add a wedding ring to your engagement ring, it usually doubles the width of the shank–this squeezes the meaty part of your finger, making your rings too tight.

To properly estimate your ring size for a wider shanked ring (or combo of rings) ask your jeweler to fit your fingers with the wider sizing gauges (pictured at right)  This better estimates how the two rings together will feel on your hand.  If the bottom of your ring is wider still, add on the narrow ring size gauge on top of that to ensure a comfortable fit.  It will save time in the long run to get your fingers properly sized based on the width of the ring and prevent extra sizing charges in the future.


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