June 20, 2011

Problem Solved: Hard to Clasp Chain or Necklace

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Summer is here, and “hard to clasp chains and necklaces”  are a recurring issue that comes up at the repair shop.  Whether you have indulged in a fresh manicure, have acrylic nails, or suffer from arthritis, one thing remains the same…the clasp that comes with most pendant chains is hard to fasten.  Over the years, we have tried many variations on clasps to help out clients out.  Here are the most popular 4 options:

Option 1: Most small chains come with a microscopic spring ring clasp (pictured to the right).  Others come with small lobster claws.  Neither are easy to manage by yourself.  One way to solve this is to upgrade the clasp to a “super sized version” of the original.  Ask your jeweler to make a double circle loop for the opposite side of the chain to accommodate the larger clasp and make it easier to grasp. (it looks like a bubble 8-you hold one circle while clasping it into the other) Cost: $

Option 2: Toggle closures.  You slide the bar through the circle.  They are easy to manipulate for most people.  There is a small percentage chance that they can come unclasped if the necklace/bracelet doesn’t fit you snugly.  Cost $$–they come in silver/14K as well as gold if cost is an issue.

Option 3: Hook & eye closure or s hook.  They are manageable to work with both hands.  The “S” portion slides over the enlarged jump ring and squeezes shut.  Cost $

Option 4: My favorite is the “easy loc” clasp system.  It comes with a large part to grasp with and the clasp is spring loaded without a trigger.  This means you simply slide it into the clasp.  Because it is smaller, it blends in more with smaller chains and mimics their original clasp.  Cost: $$ (needs both pieces to work ideally)


Remember, that almost every jewelry problem has a solution at your local jeweler.  Ask them to see other clasp options to dress up your pearls or upgrade your chain.  Not every change has to be made of convenience, right?




  1. Angela hensley said,

    How do u order the clasp for hard to clasp necklaces

    • rosediamonds said,

      You can call the shop to order them and have them shipped to you. 417-884-5644. Or email me at gemstonejen@gmail.com

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