September 22, 2011

Problem Solved: Diamond Stud Earrings Droop in Ears

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I have had several clients complain that their stud earrings droop when they wear them causing the diamonds to face downward.  This can be caused by thin earlobes or heavy stones.  I usually recommend two solutions.

Solution 1: Bigger backs.  There are giant earring backs available by special order in silver, platinum, and 14K yellow and white gold.  They are much more expensive than regular backs ($50+ each for gold), but they help support the weight of your earrings.  For those of you with acrylic nails, they are also easier to put on.  A less expensive alternative is a clear acrylic disc to put between your ear and the earring back to mimic the support of the giant backs.

Solution 2: Reset earrings in three prong “martini” setting.  The three prong setting allows the earring to sit partially back in the ear (see picture).  This reduces the strain on the ear and provides a lower profile when viewed from the side.  These are available in standard posts (with friction backs) or threaded posts (screwbacks).  I, personally, like the modern look the the three prongs from the front, too.

Do you have other suggestions about earring backs?  Leave a comment!


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