March 31, 2016

Overcoming Pre-Existing Perceptions in the Retail Industry

Posted in jeweler at 3:47 am by rosediamonds

Today I had a client that said something to me today that made me think.  I was with another client when she walked in, an older gentleman.  I acknowledged her and told her I’d be with her shortly before continuing my conversation with the first client.

He was an older gentleman who was helping his mother with her estate jewelry collection, which included loose gemstones, cocktail rings, costume rings, and men’s jewelry.  Gem Identification has always been a lot of fun for me, so I give my clients plenty of opportunities to cut-off my “lectures.”  Both my parents are teachers, so this is probably in my genes to force education on people.  We wrapped up our chat, and I look forward to welcoming him back the next time he is in town.

The client who had been patiently waiting while browsing the shop approached the counter and commented on my shop.  It is not the fanciest place you will find in the industry, but I have worked to develop a casual “vibe.”  I have pictures out of family members who mean something to me (the store is named after my grandparents, who first introduced me to diamonds) and the showcases are peppered with books, because I am a nerd.

She said, “I like your store.  It feels comfortable.”  I laughed and we discussed what inspired the “casualness” of the store.  I look much younger than I am, and have had some pretty negative experiences with customer service in the past at pretentious shops, jewelry and otherwise.  I told her about them and shared how they made me feel, explaining that I never like my clients to feel like they are “wasting my time” or don’t “belong here.”  If my clients want to pick up their jewelry repair in pajama bottoms and crocs, there’s no judgement.

The jewelry industry is changing, and I am not perfect by any means.  I think it is up to retailers to bring back the “human element” to the jewelry industry.  One of several reasons people have opted to purchase jewelry online is because of the “in your face professional” attitudes that can make today’s consumer uncomfortable.

Today was a pleasant reminder of why I love to do what I do.


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