February 29, 2012

The Best Things in Life are Free: Free Services at Rose Diamonds

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Maybe there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but at Rose Diamonds, we have an ever growing list of free services at Rose Diamonds.

Free Services at Rose Diamonds:

  1. Free Jewelry Cleaning–Diamonds always look bigger when they’re clean.  We have people bring in everything from one or two pieces that they are wearing to a whole box full.  Have a special event coming up?  Take advantage of our free service and get your jewelry looking its best…free.
  2. Free Jewelry Polishing–One step above jewelry cleaning is polishing.  This gets out all the nicks and scratches from normal wear and tear.  People often comment that they can never get their jewelry looking as good as we do at home. The secret is–we cheat.  By removing the surface abrasion off your jewelry, we are exposing the brighter surfaces underneath–like exfoliating:)
  3. Free Prong Inspection–I can’t even comment on all the clients we meet who have been married for decades and have never had their rings in for service.  It only takes a minute, but having your prongs checked by a pro on a regular basis (when you bring it in for free cleaning) can alert you to easily repaired/less expensive solutions before you lose a stone.  Think of it as preventative maintenance.
  4. Free Appraisal Consultations–Clients want to know the value of their jewelry for several different reasons.  Just to know, for resale, for liquidation, for insurance, etc.  Some items we group together in an appraisal (gold items without stones) and some require more extensive research.  We sit down with you and sort through your options and help answer insurance related questions you might have.
  5. Free Custom Deign Consultations–We recognize you’re not a jewelry professional (probably) and have no idea how much a dream piece of jewelry might cost.  Bring in your inspiration (costume pieces, catalog, magazine ad, internet pic) and any available trade-in gold & diamonds, and we will map out the design, out of pocket cost, and timeframe free.
  6. Free Tea/Coffee–I sometimes forget to offer this to our guests, but our tea table is out for guests to enjoy.  If I forget, don’t be shy–just ask:)
  7. Free Cookies–if the kids haven’t eaten them all.  Because I have two boys, our cookie supply varies.  Feel free to help yourself to the snacks.
  8. Free Jewelry Box Sort–This is perhaps one of our most valuable services.  Bring in your box of jewelry (this especially helps when you’ve inherited a bunch of mixed jewelry) and we sit down with you and sort out the gold from the silver from the costume jewelry.  Now that it’s sorted, we can restore it,repair it, or size it very quickly.  You also have the option to trade it in towards a project, finished jewelry, or repair work.  We can also buy it or give you a short term loan against it.
  9. Free Diamond Testing–Several a day come in to see if their diamonds are the real deal.  Whether you found it in a parking lot or suspect a fake, we test it in seconds so you know.  Peace of mind is priceless.
  10. Free Ring Size Measurement–Perhaps you’ve ordered something on the internet or maybe you’re thinking of a future purchase, we measure your ring size for you without fuss.  We also explain that different ring styles fit differently, so let us know if it’s going to be a narrow or wide band.
  11. Free Courtesy Call/Text Message— When repairs/appraisals are ready, you’re the first to know.  Our company policy is to call or text you as soon as repairs are completed (in case you’re still in the neighborhood).  You can then pick it up at your leisure.  Most of our repairs and appraisals are completed ahead of schedule.
  12. Free Silver Polishing Cloth with Silver Purchase–Part of keeping your jewelry looking beautiful.  These little polishing cloths work on sterling silver, gold, costume jewelry, etc.  We offer free jewelry cleaning, but this little cloth will help you keep a perfect shine between visits.  It also works great of shiny knickknacks around the house–I use mine to cheat with silver photo frames.
  13. Free Craigslist Mediation–We want our clients to stay safe.  When selling or buying on Craigslist, there is an element of danger (read our post on Craigslist tips).  We recommend you don’t expose your home or workplace to potential sellers/buyers.  We invite you to meet at our shop in a comfortable, professional atmosphere.  We can diamond test, ring size, appraise, engrave your latest purchase/sale right in front of you.
  14. Pocketwatch Look-up–just a geeky hobby of mine: we can usually trace the origins of old pocketwatches.  Curious about one of yours?  Just ask.

I have probably forgotten something, but will try to add it later.   You now officially have no excuse for not coming in.  We look forward to meeting you soon.


September 22, 2011

Problem Solved: Diamond Stud Earrings Droop in Ears

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I have had several clients complain that their stud earrings droop when they wear them causing the diamonds to face downward.  This can be caused by thin earlobes or heavy stones.  I usually recommend two solutions.

Solution 1: Bigger backs.  There are giant earring backs available by special order in silver, platinum, and 14K yellow and white gold.  They are much more expensive than regular backs ($50+ each for gold), but they help support the weight of your earrings.  For those of you with acrylic nails, they are also easier to put on.  A less expensive alternative is a clear acrylic disc to put between your ear and the earring back to mimic the support of the giant backs.

Solution 2: Reset earrings in three prong “martini” setting.  The three prong setting allows the earring to sit partially back in the ear (see picture).  This reduces the strain on the ear and provides a lower profile when viewed from the side.  These are available in standard posts (with friction backs) or threaded posts (screwbacks).  I, personally, like the modern look the the three prongs from the front, too.

Do you have other suggestions about earring backs?  Leave a comment!

September 20, 2011

Large drop earrings light up Emmys red carpet | National Jeweler

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Large drop earrings light up Emmys red carpet | National Jeweler.


This article in an industry jewelry magazine highlights some of the more fabulous earrings that were worn at the Emmys this year.


I have always been a fan of drop earrings.  They slim the face and draw attention to the delicate jawline.  Try combining two old pairs of studs into a new set of glam dangles or create your own inspired by this year’s hottest looks!  I think black sapphires or even onyx could be used to save cost on recreating these styles…

January 27, 2010

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (on a budget)

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A lot of people begin looking for Valentine’s Day gifts at the end of January.  This is after the harrowing experience of paying their credit card bills from the Christmas season.  I’ve come up with a few gift ideas that will look well thought out, but won’t break the bank.

Probably the number one valentines day gifts are flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, and diamond heart pendants.  This being a jewelry blog, don’t expect me to expound on the virtues of the non-jewelry items.  Being a practical person, I appreciate gifts that last beyond two days (flowers and chocolate) and aren’t overpriced twice a year (flowers).  Long lasting gifts are a personification of long lasting intent.

Fellas:  keep in mind how long you’ve been dating.   Rings indicate certain ideas of commitment in women you may not be ready for.  Also, it is hard to guess at ring sizes.

Initial/Name Jewelry: You know her name, so this one is easy.  Stay on the smallish side to be safe and a two tone finish will allow it to blend with all her existing jewelry.  Ladies initials and monograms should be for the first name as the last name can change with marriage.

Earrings:  Always fit and are hard to screw up.  Try for basics that will make her think of you each time she puts them on each day.

Heart shaped jewelry: the old stand by.  Try mixing it up a little by looking for a piece that intertwines your and her birthstones.  The symbolism is a nice added touch.

Try to get your design ideas to your jeweler early, so it can be delivered on time.  Custom work takes time to complete.

Have a great holiday!

December 30, 2009

Making Sensible Jewelry Decisions

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I am currently working on some jewelry designs for clients that have brought some jewelry issues to my attention.  This is not a post about jewelry trends or fashion.  The key many people overlook is jewelry use.

Most people have a few pieces of jewelry in their collections that are never/rarely worn.  Beyond the usual ghastly gifts, some of these items are self purchases that sit abandoned.  One of the key aspects to choosing the “right” piece of jewelry for yourself is considering how and where you will wear it.

A good example of this is my latest persuasion tactics on the husband.  I decided I wanted/needed a tennis necklace.  I told the husband he could make it over time.  For each holiday he could add a quarter carat diamond.  The finished carat total weight would be somewhere near 80 carats.  Sensible, right?  He stopped me in my tracks when he asked me where I would wear it.  Hmm.  The grocery store?  Barnes and Noble?  Okay perhaps this is not such a great idea.

When clients are in my shop, some might notice that I ask about their occupation or their spouse’s occuption.  It is not to discern income!  I simply want to know if people are typing a computers (where most jewelry is acceptable, although bangles do clank against keyboards) or they are ER doctors (where gloves will snag on high settings and long chains will be ripped off by flailing appendages).

Some quick tips:

Work with animals?–avoid open or tall settings.  Debris gets stuck in the openings and tall settings can scratch animals

Parrot owner?–They love to nibble/crush with their beaks dangly earrings and are known to chew necklaces.

Work with Kids?–avoid tall settings that can scratch, big hoops (kids can pull on), thin chains that can’t survive a tug.  Luckily kids grow up quickly, so dangly jewelry may just be shelved (like the crystal) for a couple years.

Desk job?–avoid bangles that clank on the desk all day, safety chains on tennis bracelets get caught in files, rings that are not sized snugly (in frigid offices especially) will flop around on your fingers ALL DAY.

Work with hand tools?–avoid wide ring shanks.  These are more likely to cause blisters on the hands.  Also I don’t recommend platinum (which gets scratched easily)

Long hair? Look for earrings that won’t tangle in hair–like closed back hoops or straight dangles.

Hope these tips help.  If you discover you have “abandoned” jewelry, don’t fret.  It can be re-designed into a useable piece by a talented jeweler.

December 9, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas (on the cheap)

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Due to soaring gold costs and the shrinking economy, I thought I’d go into some inexpensive gift ideas for the holidays.  You may have overlooked these ideas:

  • Engraved anything.  Shop at Target, the clearance isle at Marshalls, etc.  You can add fancy monograms to Zippo lighters, fancy pens, mirrored compacts, pill cases, business card cases, vases, sterling book marks, champagne bottles, wine glasses, etc.  It looks fancy, but isn’t real expensive.  I suggest personalizing with the first initial for ladies and the last initial for men.
  • Silver anything.  White metals are on more popular than ever, so if your budget won’t stretch to accommodate white gold or (gasp) platinum, go silver.  Look for quality and beware of silver plated items.  Top fashion looks come out in silver first, so a cocktail “statement” ring and oval cz hoops in silver allow you to get the look for less (before the trend dies)
  • Re-cycle your old jewelry.  This can be anything from re-furbishing old pieces (polishing, checking stones, replacing missing stones, and sizing) to re-styling.  Our shop has thousands of molds to choose from, and by trading in your old gold and using your stones, it can save you a bundle.  (Ex. turn your ex-relationship bracelet into a star of david charm for your niece)
  • Got kids on your shopping list? Simple ID bracelets.  Bring back the tradition of baby rings and id bracelets.  They’re usually inexpensive and are keepsakes.
  • Teachers on your shopping list?  Try engraved pens or holiday ornaments.  Earrings always fit, so they are an easy gift idea.
  • Teens on your shopping list?  Try engraved dog tags.  There are sterling and stainless options.  (Stainless is less expensive).  You can engrave their name, team number, picture of a sport/hobby etc.  You can even add a private inscription to the back.
  • Fancy jewelry cases.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  An easy gift for a jewelry fanatic without the 14K price tags.
  • Watch cases and watch winders.  Anyone with an automatic watch will like not having to reset it each day with a watch winder.
  • Birthstones.  If diamonds are out of your reach this year, consider adding birthstones to a piece you already have or combining birthstones to symbolize unity in a new piece.  Most birthstones are synthetic, but there are natural options out there as well.
  • Charms.  Charm bracelets are like having a father who plays golf.  You always have a go to theme for holidays.  Start a charm bracelet, and then you’re set for the next few years for gifts.  Charms come in silver and gold.  Fancy and simple.
  • Pearls.  There are lots of ways to wear pearls that are beyond the “boring” strand.  Consider station necklaces and funky mixes with chains.  Just keep them away from hair spray,perfume, and bleach.

Hope some of these ideas help you stay on budget this holiday season.

November 23, 2009

Getting the most out of your earrings

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My alternative title to this post was kinda corny.  “How to increase your face value with earrings” made me cringe even as I typed it.

There are few accessories that can have as much effect on your face as a pair of earrings.

They can have more impact than makeup, bringing out your best features and correcting less than perfect ones.

For example, large earrings make a nose look smaller, silver hoops cool down a ruddy complexion, and gold ones warm up winter pale skin.

As the holidays approach, I have always extolled the intelligence of giving gifts that “always fit.”  With the economy in it’s current state, earrings do not require additional upgrades (like a chain) and don’t have to be sized (like rings).  Unlike shoes, bags, and hats, earrings never go out of fashion.

The latest trend on red carpets everywhere are dangle earrings.  These bring attention to a delicate jawline and elongate the face (making it look less round).

Another overlooked earring shape is the oval hoop.  It is traditional, but the shape flatters every face shape.

If your face is more rectangular, try a wider earring.

Multicolored earrings brighten the complexion.

Look for earrings that add “movement” to your face.  A gorgeous earring can also draw the eye up (away from your waistline) if there is sparkly movement.

Try to make sure you buy “light” earrings.  While I love big earrings, avoid the super heavy ones for prolonged wear.  Elongated pierced holes are no fun.

If you have a pair of earrings you adore, think about adding an earring jacket.  It allows you to add a bit of sparkle to your diamond/pearl studs.  Custom earring jackets can be made for other earrings.

Consider adding a screw post and back to your favorite earrings for added security.

Ask your jeweler to trim posts that “poke.”  No one wants to wear uncomfortable jewelry.