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Our Springfield Business Journal Pic

Our Springfield Business Journal Pic

Rose Diamonds Custom Design & Repair has two locations in Springfield, MO.  We are on the SW corner of Fremont & Republic Rd.  We specialize in custom jewelry design.  Browse through our thousands of molds and models in stock or design your own!  You Dream It…We Make It!

Jewelry repairs are usually completed same day service, on site, in our “open vision” repair center.  We have been sizing rings for commercial accounts as well as individuals for years.  We welcome you to swing by with any questions or “impossible jobs.”   Jewelry cleaning and prong inspection is FREE everyday.  Ask about our gold trade-in program and discreet pawn services.

Rose Diamonds also offers computerized engraving on glass, as well as metals and plastics.  Scan in your pictures, logos, or handwriting to make your gift unique!  We have a full gemological laboratory and offer a complete appraisal services including digital files and pictures.

Jennifer Choi is a GIA Graduate Gemologist who has owned jewelry businesses in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, FL in addition to our two locations in Springfield, MO.  She teaches a “Intro to Jewelry and Gemology” Course and personally designs original custom jewelry pieces for clients across the country…


  1. I love your blog, it is so clear and easy to read, that is what I think is missing from lots of these new blogs. I love that I could open this, read a few lines and totally “get” what you were about. Your photo looks wonderful as well, so much so that I had to check and see if it really wasn’t just a “stock” photo being used. Good luck with the blog, I’m going to keep up on it!!

  2. Julie Fox-Sandberg said,

    Good morning!

    Forgot to ask when the “swirl ring” will be done…you were putting on a half-shank and setting a diamond in the middle. Thank you!

    Very nice job on the rings we brought in Saturday! Perfect fit!

    • rosediamonds said,

      Tuesday or Wednesday. There are some shipping delays due to the weather from the south. Glad you liked them!

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