July 5, 2013

Some Recent Questions Answered

Posted in jeweler tagged at 3:53 pm by rosediamonds

Q: Can I add a halo setting to my current engagement ring?

A: Yes, there are now peg settings that have a halo on them for almost all diamond shapes.  Some have diamonds on the sides and some just on top.  The cost of adding a halo is usually under $1000 (depending on stone size, number of stones, etc.).  It usually takes a week to complete (ordering the parts, diamonds, and setting)


Q. My watch stem fell out.  Is this worth fixing?

A. It depends on you.  A detent repair is usually around $75.  It can be more if you have lost the crown, stem, or both.  Most of you know we run on the practical side of things.  We think watch repairs (in general) are best suited to fancier/expensive watches or watches with sentimental value (Grandpa’s watch).  Expect watch repairs in general to take a month or so to complete depending on parts availability.

Q: I saw something on Pinterest.  .  .

A: While this was not exactly a question, Yes.  We can make this.  Look around for any scrap gold or diamonds you want to use in your project.  


Q: How should I take care of silver jewelry

A: Store it away from moisture (kitchen and bathroom) and avoid chemicals (lotion, cosmetics, perfume, bleach of any kind).  We use polishing cloths for routine maintenance, and a stronger silver cleaner for deep cleaning.  If you don’t want to hassle with it, bring it into the shop, and we can restore it for you.  Trick of the trade: store in a ziplock bag to reduce future tarnishing.



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